Lauren (slewinca) wrote in seme_roxas,

Happy RokuAku Day!! :D

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When I first read the "everywhere that's not USA" I was like "?"
But quickly afterwards got what you meant (some countries use the day/month format while others use month/day format. So there's a 8/13 as well as a 13/8 day! :D

Definatelly checking that fanfic when I get the time. R/A isn't that obscure, well compared to A/R it obiously is (and no offense but what ship isn't obscure compared to it?).
R/A has a small but good fanbase, and I've notice that most works are either from back in '07 or from very recently ('10-'11).

I'm think of posting a list of R/A fanfics I've found over time. Not the biggest list but it's something..

Haha, isn't that fun? ;D

Cool! :D That's true, it's not as obscure as say...Goofy/Aerith, lol. :P In fact, just today I found a Roxas-making-the-first-move fanart on tumblr:
(that's reblogged on my tumblr, btw)

Great! :DD That would help, seeing as how I haven't been doing very well at contributing to this group so far. ^^' Can't wait to see it!