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*revives community*

Hiya! I joined this community because I recently realized that I'm a seme-Roxas supporter. And since there are almost no other posts here, and no other groups here I've heard of that support this view specifically (why is this group dead? D:), I thought I'd make a little manifesto/dissertation of sorts on how I see Roxas as a possibly dominant character. It's not going to be as long as "A Dissertation on Zemyx," which is mainly because the reasoning here is simpler and more obvious. 8D
So if you're wondering just what our reasoning is for supporting this view, click the cut below :]

AkuRoku is my OTP, and has been for four years. For a while I hadn't really questioned whether Axel was the dominant one; he just WAS. Force of will and stronger emotions and all that. And for a while, in the canon, it seemed mostly one-sided on Axel's part. Though I never liked the whole "I'm a girly helpless uke, molest me! 8D" thing.
But after seeing one Roxas-in-a-dress fanart too many, I decided: "SCREW THIS! I'm not accepting Roxas as an ultra-uke anymore :|"

I have always preferred yaoi/shounen-ai fanfic/interpretations that show a more equal partnership. It's why I like yaoi/shounen-ai in the first place; no boy/girl stereotypes to fall into, with both partners being the strong one. (Instead of the "I'm-a-weak-girl-and-can't-protect-myself" female character stereotype and the "I'm-always-strong" male character stereotype) The whole seme/uke dynamic kind of wrecks that. It can be made to work, of course, but it can too easily fall into the weird and awkward area of things, and play waaay too much into the male/female stereotypes. And, it's just not realistic.
Though perhaps that's what yaoi's really all about...

This is where Roxas comes in. Yes, he's adorable. Yes, he's about 10 years younger (mentally and somewhat-physically) than Axel. And yes, he was a bit child-like at times in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. But if playing 358/2 Days has taught me anything, it's that Roxas isn't the kind of boy who's going to be pushed around, by anyone. He went up against SAIX, of all people. Verbally, AND physically. That dude scares ME. ._.'
If Axel were to try to rape him or otherwise try to forcibly overtake him (as is the common, and annoying, interpretation of their relations), the redhead would get a quick Keyblade to the groin. (Or knee, if we're in an AU fic)
To quote Roxas himself: "What is WRONG with you?!"

Let's keep in mind who kicked Axel's ass in battle TWICE in Kingdom Hearts II.

And I know that battle isn't necessarily equal to romance - personality comes into play differently in both - but the fact is that Roxas is stronger than Axel, and very strong-willed.

Axel's strong-willed, too, but not in the sex-crazed way that so many interpret him as. He loves that boy, and he'd probably be putty in the blonde's hands at times as a result. The people you love can make you do things that you wouldn't do for the average joe; believe me, I know. I watched The Notebook because it's my best friend's favorite movie. And liked it. ^^'
So, naturally Axel would concede to his lover's wishes, if Roxas so desired.

I don't think Roxas would be ALL SEME, ALL THE TIME, but that it would be a more equal, balanced partnership.
So, I like Roxas as a seme, but not all the time.

It's not an anti-AkuRoku view to hold; just a more realistic interpretation of how they would be in a relationship. It makes for a MUCH more interesting dynamic between the two, at least to write about. The combination of personalities, when interpreted accurately, is stellar, and should be explored more.

Oh, yeah, and it's kinda sexy, too. ;D

RokuRiku I haven't really thought much about, to be honest, but given Sora and Riku's competitions and battles, and the way those two get along, it would probably balance out more evenly for Roxas and Riku, as well. Especially since Roxas is often more serious and focused than Sora.

I'll post here in this group now and then RokuAku fanart and fanfiction I've come across on the internet, maybe even RokuRiku if I find it, but feel free to post your own work, work that you'd like to recommend, and to invite others to the group!

Seriously, there are only 11 members here right now; I can hear the echoes. ._.'

Let's make this fun, shall we? =)
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