July 26th, 2010


*revives community*

Hiya! I joined this community because I recently realized that I'm a seme-Roxas supporter. And since there are almost no other posts here, and no other groups here I've heard of that support this view specifically (why is this group dead? D:), I thought I'd make a little manifesto/dissertation of sorts on how I see Roxas as a possibly dominant character. It's not going to be as long as "A Dissertation on Zemyx," which is mainly because the reasoning here is simpler and more obvious. 8D
So if you're wondering just what our reasoning is for supporting this view, click the cut below :]

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I'll post here in this group now and then RokuAku fanart and fanfiction I've come across on the internet, maybe even RokuRiku if I find it, but feel free to post your own work, work that you'd like to recommend, and to invite others to the group!

Seriously, there are only 11 members here right now; I can hear the echoes. ._.'

Let's make this fun, shall we? =)
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